Complete Lawn Care

Contact us today whether you need a full season of lawn service or just a one time application.  Depending on the time of year, certain services can really benefit a lawn. 

Year-round necessities for a healthy, green lawn:

Leaf and debris cleanup:  Removing fallen leaves and debris from the lawn, in early spring, allows your turf grass to start growing when it’s ready.  Not removing debris can cause diseases to spread and prevent the grass from even growing.  A fall cleanup is also recommended.  This prevents the survival of harmful disease organisms over winter.

Lawn de-thatch:  Thatch is a layer of partially decomposed and un-decomposed plant tissue which accumulates above the soil surface.  Removing thatch from the lawn in spring prevents thatch from building up to problematic levels.  Too much thatch creates shallow rooting of grass, impedes movement of beneficial pesticides into soil, and creates a favorable environment for harmful insect pests and disease organisms.

Fertilizer with crabgrass control application:  A granular application, in spring, of fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide for crabgrass will prevent crabgrass from penetrating and ruining your lawn.  If crabgrass is not controlled early in the season it often can’t be controlled at all.  This application also promotes a spring green up after a long winter. 

Broadleaf weed control application:  A chemical application in spring, or early summer, will often alleviate a lawn of all pesky broadleaf weeds (ie. Dandelion, Creeping Charlie) for an entire growing season.  For even better control, a 2nd application in the fall is highly recommended.

Lawn aeration:  Aerating your lawn in early summer or fall will relieve your lawn of any compaction.  The holes allow better penetration of water, air, fertilizer, and pesticides into the root zone.  The result of this increased infiltration is deeper rooted, healthier, more vigorous turf grass.  Over seeding after aerating is a great way to help correct trouble areas in the lawn.

Fertilizer applications: Unsatisfactory turf grass is often the direct result of insufficient fertilization.  Fertilizers improve the overall health of your lawn, which helps crowd out weeds, fights off pests, and improves your overall curb appeal.                                          

Early summer:  This granular application will help strengthen the turf.  It also promotes good green color, good root development, and aid in drought stress tolerance.                          

Early fall:  This granular application is the most important for a lawn.  It will aid the turf in gaining strength after summer heat stress, and promote healthy growth.                                              

Late fall (winterize):  This granular application aids the turf in preparation for winter.  It also promotes healthy root growth and an earlier spring green up.

*  Allowing us to provide you with any of these services guarantees they are done right, on time, and you will see noticeable results; a lush green lawn free of weeds.  We are certified and licensed lawn care professionals who will help keep your lawn healthy.  Remember, a healthy lawn is a green lawn!


  • Lawn Mowing with Trimming
  • Fertilization and Weed Control
  • Leaf and Debris Clean-up
  • Dethatching Lawn
  • Lawn Aeration and Overseeding
  • Crabgrass and Grub Control
  • Pest and Disease Treatments
  • Package deals (Green and Gold)

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